Armed incident occurs between India and China

For the first time in the last 45 years, armed clashes have occurred between China and India. The scene of the incident is Ladakh, a historical and geographical area in India. Last year, Ladakh announced its new status – Union territory, having separated from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. A.

According to Western agencies, 20 Indian soldiers died in the shootings. According to the BBC, initially the Indian command announced the deaths of three soldiers, adding that both warring parties suffered losses. However, later on Tuesday, officials from the Indian army announced that 17 soldiers had died from the wounds, and the total death toll was twenty.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accused China of violating the agreement concluded last week to comply with the control line in the Galvan Valley on the disputed stretch of the Indo-Chinese border.

The Chinese side did not report its losses and accused India of violating the border. The representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that on Monday, Indian forces crossed the Chinese border twice, provoking and attacking Chinese soldiers. The diplomat called the incident a serious confrontation between the troops of both countries.