Around the world, countries are dumping US government debt and buying gold

11 months ago

Most likely you have already noticed that the United States has begun a black streak, a lot of setbacks that haunt each other. If before countries bought government debt from the United States, now everything is happening exactly the opposite. Countries that used to buy government debt are selling it at an urgent pace and buying gold.

There is an organization like the World Gold Council. It was they who prepared the material, on the basis of which it follows that many countries are selling the American public debt and are buying gold in its place. This suggests one thing – trust in the American currency has disappeared, because too many negative situations are happening in the USA.

Among these countries there is also a champion who bought the most public debt from the USA – this is China. It was this country that also began to sell and buy gold at a slow pace. China does not make sudden movements, apparently there are some reasons for this. But if he decides to abruptly sell public debt, the US economy will collapse overnight.

Russia, Qatar and Turkey do the same.

Economists say that countries are doing the right thing, that they are selling off public debt. After all, US government debt is growing every minute and sooner or later the bubble will burst, leaving the countries that bought it with nothing.

They also noted that the United States is aggressive in the international arena, undermining confidence in its currency. Also here you can attribute all the negative events that occur in the United States.

Economists predicted a crisis for the United States in the near future.

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