Artificial intelligence will help the Japanese with fertility

Artificial intelligence will help the Japanese with fertility

The record-breaking decline in the birth rate forces the authorities to look for new, most unexpected ways out.

The Japanese authorities decided to call on the artificial intelligence to help in the fight against low birth rates. As interfax writes, it is about partner selection services, which should help the Japanese to create families.

From next year, regional authorities, which support such programs, will receive government subsidies. It is planned to allocate 2 billion yen ($19 million) for this purpose.

It is noted that many partner selection services already attract artificial intelligence in the hope that it will help better analyze the information provided by clients who dream of finding their loved ones.

Some of the existing systems are only able to analyze such criteria as age and income level. And give the result only if there is an exact match. Additional funds are allocated to create more advanced systems that will take into account such factors as hobbies, values and attitudes.

According to forecasts, the population of Japan, with a peak value of 128 million people will fall to 53 million by the end of the century. Last year, the birth rate was record low: 865 thousand people were born during the year.