Astrologer: Jupiter and Saturn converge to trigger powerful renewal programs

Astrologer: Jupiter and Saturn converge to trigger powerful renewal programs

For the first time in 800 years, Jupiter and Saturn will converge as closely as possible. It will happen today. What can be seen and how this event will affect people, told the TV channel “MIR 24” rector of the Russian Astrological School, Mikhail Borodachev.

  • Last time something similar was observed in 1226. What can be seen this time?

Mikhail Borodachev: Through telescopes we will be able to see one big double dot in the sky. Jupiter shines brightly after Venus (it is the second brightest), and next to it, literally right next to Saturn – a little lighter shine, and such a merger with a difference of one angular degree is very rare – once in 800 years. The last time it actually happened was at a very interesting time.

The year 1226, which was marked in the world by some landmark events: the formation of the Teutonic Order, which went to Prussia, and then fell under Alexander Nevsky and was defeated, and the last campaign of Genghis Khan in 1226 – he organized it in Asia, then came to Russia Batyi – the movement from the East started in the West, from the depths of Asia reached Europe.

Such an event was more than 800 years ago. Now we are experiencing a historical period in which the East moves to the West, and the West moves to the East. What will come out of this, we will see in the coming years.

  • Why such a big difference in time?

Mikhail Borodachev: The planets rotate on the ecliptic. 20 years ago the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn was on the same vertical line, but they were not close to each other, and now they merge practically into one point. It is advisable to pass these conjunctions gently and postpone the most important matters for later, a week or two after the New Year. We need to be humble in December, and destiny (Saturn is connected to destiny) will dictate its terms to us also in regards to coronavirus, economics, finance, all other phenomena – these phenomena will be out of our control. And also the weather conditions: there may be tornadoes, snowfalls, frosts. Man is not yet in a position to counteract this.

Our task in such period – to be prepared, and in the period of merging of two giants, and the Sun is at the winter solstice – it is a very significant coincidence: the beginning of a new countdown – the New Year begins with December 21, and the merger of the two planets begins the era of Aquarius.

  • The visual merging of the light of the two giants will occur at zero degrees of Aquarius. What does this mean?

Michael Borodachev: This is the junction zone of the two halves of the zodiacal circle: six signs on one side, six on the other – right and left, male and female. This is the parity, the harmony of two beginnings – male and female. It is not for nothing that women are now gaining more and more political preferences, the role of women in the structure of government is increasing compared to what it was before. The equalization of the importance of women along with men will be observed for a long time to come.

  • How long will people feel the effects of the merging of the planets?

Mikhail Borodachev: The well-being of all people is affected, especially now there are solar flares. Saturn restrains everything: headaches, hang-ups, a lot of inhibition in psyche, in physical state, apathy, sleepiness – this is because Jupiter and Saturn are already near – in one point of space, and already affect the planet Earth for the last two weeks. These influences are rather negative because of the large energies that we are having a hard time digesting. There will still be these influences until March-April 2021.

  • Does the fact that the planets merged on the winter solstice have any significance?

Mikhail Borodachev: Yes, it does. Very powerful renewal programs are launched. Many politicians, public figures say that the world will not be the same. They feel it intuitively, and in astrology it is. The New Year and the convergence of the two most powerful planets in the same zone give rise to new states of the biosphere, the social sphere, the economy, finance – we are entering a zone of change. Congratulations on the arrival of new times. And what they will be depends on us, what kind of start we give them.

If in good intentions, in a positive mood, this is what will happen: it is important to avoid big wars and conflicts, otherwise they will get extra energy, which will not lead to anything good, and new beginnings of a positive nature in personal, public, social life, in politics should be promoted.

  • Kepler believed that the convergence of Jupiter and Saturn caused the star of Bethlehem to shine, which, according to the Bible, led the Magi to the birthplace of Jesus. How does astrology relate to this hypothesis?