Astronaut has counted 1 million asteroids that can hit the Earth

The astronaut warns that today there are 1 million asteroids that can hit the Earth.

Pablo Nespoli of the European Space Agency believes that the time has come to take measures to prevent a possible catastrophe, which could be apocalyptic. “There are more than 1 million asteroids of various sizes that can hit the Earth. Right now, we basically ignore the possibility of a massive threat suddenly appearing, but it’s not going anywhere .. The time has come to act, ”Nespoli tweeted on the occasion of International Asteroid Day.

He also posted a short clip about the passage of one of the terrestrial asteroids, shot during his mission in crew 53 on the ISS in 2017. The rock, known as 163348 (2002 NN4), traveled a distance of 3.2 million miles from Earth – which is close in space.