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Astronauts will shoot lasers from their fingertips

Astronauts will shoot lasers from their fingertips

The new space glove of astronauts may include additional control and protection functions. The European Space Agency (ESA) is introducing a new concept for spacesuits, with some special changes affecting gloves.

The project is a development of the French company Comex and designer Agata Medioni. Since gloves are one of the most difficult components of a suit, special attention is paid to them. In the new version, gloves will not only be more durable and flexible, but also more functional, since astronauts perform basic operations with their hands.

The new ESA gloves not only better protect hands from cold and radiation, but also allow you to control drones or rovers with gestures – this is especially true for future missions to the moon and Mars. Also at the fingertips will be placed sources of laser beams that will act as a tape measure for measuring parameters. Even in gloves will be integrated improved oxygen level sensor.

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