Astronomers found a zombie star in a distant nebula

Astronomers found a zombie star in a distant nebula

Scientists have discovered a new type of star.

The discovered star J005311 is located in a dense cloud of dust and gas in the nebula IRAS 00500 + 6713. About it reports Cnet.

According to astronomers, there are many white dwarfs in space, which sometimes collide with each other. In their opinion, the merger of two white dwarfs could have formed an unknown type of zombie star from two previously deceased stars. In X-rays, the nebula around the new star glows bright green thanks to neon gas.

The European Space Agency said the star in question interested astronomers back in 2019. The statement said that astronomers discovered that the unknown object has a very high wind speed and a very bright light, as well as too much mass. None of this is consistent with ordinary white dwarfs.

The team, led by Potsdam University astrophysicist Lydia Oskinova, studied the star using the XMM-Newton X-ray telescope.

According to the researchers, white dwarf collisions can be devastating to the stars themselves, but this time a new star was formed as a result of the collision.

The astronomers concluded that the zombie star is very unstable, so it will probably turn into a neutron star within 10 thousand years.