Astronomers have revealed traces of an unusual planet

Astronomers have revealed traces of an unusual planet

Observations by astronomers have revealed traces of a young planet in the planet-forming dust rings of the star system GW Orionis, in the constellation Orion.

According to astronomers, this star system consists of two stars rotating around each other in the center, and a third star rotating around them at a distance of several hundred million kilometers, reports Change.

It was also noted that all of the rings in the GW Orionis star system are offset in relation to the gravitational center of their stars, and one of them even crosses the other two diagonally.

In this regard, experts have concluded the possible existence of a young planet orbiting three stars simultaneously. Such a planet could be the only one of its kind in the history of space exploration.

“We think the presence of the planet probably formed a dust layer and broke the protoplanetary disk at the point where the inner and outer rings of the system meet,” the scientists said.

According to the astronomers, up to 30 Earth-like planets could form in the inner ring of GW Orionis.