Astrophysicists told us what would happen if a black hole “swallowed” the Earth

A century ago, Albert Einstein suggested that there are some space-time objects in outer space from which it is impossible to get out. Black holes, absorbing everything around, can grow and even move.

Even photons of light cannot escape black holes, so there is no way to even talk about other particles. Objects can pose a serious threat to life, said physicist Michio Kaku from the USA, writes planetanovosti.

It turned out that some of them move very actively. Objects are similar to zombies: as soon as they see a body, they immediately come to life and grab it. It is impossible to overcome a black hole in any way.

If a wandering hole approaches the solar system, mankind will be doomed. For some time, life will continue, but suddenly everyone will notice how buildings, landscape and all objects twist. Thus, there will be different gravity on each side of the planet: there will be an effect of “stretching and contraction. The gravity of the black hole will twist the Earth and tear like a piece of paper.

The Earth’s crust will be broken, so the magma will come out. The gravity will become so strong that everything will crumble, turning into dust. The dust will be crushed to molecules, and molecules – to atoms. There will be no trace of the solar system, not even interstellar dust.

The scenario is terrible, but, fortunately, its implementation does not threaten mankind yet. If what has been described happens, it will happen only in the distant future. Black holes are impossible to see, so scientists are forced to observe only the consequences of their influence.

Recall that the scientists of Stockholm University have identified about a hundred stars, which mysteriously disappeared. The researchers suggest that this may be a sign of the existence of alien civilizations.