At least 110 people are needed to master Mars

A space expert says at least 110 people must fly to Mars for a colony to appear there.

A new study showed that humanity must send at least 110 people to Mars in order to establish a self-sufficient civilization there. An article written by Jean-Marc Salotti of the French Institute of National Political Science, Bordeaux and published in Scientific Reports, provides an unusual solution to colonization using mathematical modeling.

“To survive on Mars, an organization of settlers and engineering problems is needed. The minimum number of settlers was calculated, and the result is 110 people, ”writes Salotti.

In his opinion, this is a “relatively small number”, but it will help ensure a constant replenishment of stocks and resources. He represents these people living in an oxygen-filled dome and growing plants in greenhouses built of glass with reflectors that provide “enough light.” Salotti believes that an “appropriate soil” for plants requires an assortment of stones, salts, water, and “organic waste and decomposers (insects and microorganisms).

“Water will be extracted from the icy terrain and processed using natural filters,” he added. Salotti noted that the overall success of these people on the Red Planet will likely depend on a number of factors, including how well they work together and share their time and resources.