Australia went against China, it was supported by 116 countries

12 months ago

The story of the origin of the virus and an attempt to identify the culprit (to find a good reason to blame China for everything) continues.

It would seem that only Pence said that the investigation into the artificial origin of the virus has reached an impasse and failed to prove anything, as Australia entered the game with verified rhetoric.

The bottom line is that the origin of the virus does not matter if Beijing’s actions, in which they actively seek the cause of the spread of the virus around the world, matter.

I think that China is obliged to answer all questions and provide comprehensive information so that people find out exactly what happened in their Wuhan, because we do not want this to happen again – Australian Minister of the Interior

Beijing’s response was not long in coming. An employee of the Chinese embassy said that Australia began to work according to the US training manual and joined the attacks on China.

But Beijing did not limit itself to a verbal response; China halted the import of Australian beef, which infuriated Australian suppliers.

The fact is that China is the number 1 exporter for them and brings huge profits, but then this “tap” was shut down and Australia, at the time of writing, has already lost more than one billion dollars.

This is crazy money.

In Australia, they are already demanding that the authorities stop the attacks on China and stop immediately, but it seems that there is no turning back, therefore, Washington is behind.

According to the latest sources, at the next meeting of the WHA, a resolution will be adopted on a joint investigation regarding the search for those responsible for the epidemic.

Australia proposed this whole thing, and 116 out of 194 member states support it.

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