Austrian dogs will be taught to detect coronavirus infected by smell

The Austrian Armed Forces in test mode teach service dogs to detect coronavirus infected by smell. It is assumed that this method will allow the search for people who carry the infection asymptomatically, writes TASS with reference to the country’s Ministry of Defense.

One shepherd is currently studying at the military canine center. She is being taught to react to a special tube with the odor molecules of the coronavirus, which were obtained from a mask used by an infected person. If you find the right tube, the animal is encouraged.

It is noted that dog handlers will begin testing the dog’s abilities using an infected mask in the coming days. To ensure the safety of the health of the specialist and the animal itself, a deactivated virus is used – the tubes and masks are pre-treated with ultraviolet radiation.

Earlier in July, the former director of the Institute of Immunology at the University of Bern, Beda Stadler, questioned the presence of asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus, saying that such people are immune to COVID-19 and cannot infect others.

As of July 19, there are 14.4 million people infected with coronavirus in the world. During the epidemic, 605 thousand people died.