Austrian Princess Maria Galitsin died

11 months ago

Princess Maria Galitzine, an Austrian royalty, died at the age of 31.

The daughter of Princess Maria-Anne and Prince Peter Galitzine died last week, but this has only now become known. Maria Galicin died in Houston, Texas, of a sudden heart aneurysm.

Maria Singh, born Princess Maria Galitsin, was born in Luxembourg in 1988 and moved to Russia with her family when she was five. She studied at a German school in Moscow and then moved to Belgium to enter the College of Art and Design. She then moved to the USA, where she founded her own interior design firm.

In recent years, the Princess has lived in Houston with her husband, chef Rishi Singh. In 2017, they had a son, Maxim.

Mary belonged to the Habsburg dynasty, her great grandfather and great grandmother were the last rulers of Austria.

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