B-ball player Steeve Ho You Fat turns Viral for his remarkable name

A name that was memorable was the star of Tuesday’s game of exhibition between the G League Ignite as well as Metropolitans 92.

Steeve Ho You Fat the 34-year-old French forward with the Metropolitans 92, had the internet buzzing about his name.

Even the reporters who broadcast the game from Las Vegas shared a laugh as they pronounce that his surname.

“Ho You Fat with the three of them,” one broadcaster proclaimed in the fourth quarter.

“Yes I’ve just have said that. The man’s name is that of the man. Don’t tweet at me.”

Ho You Fat, a who stands 203cm French Guiana native, scored six points shooting 3-for-4 from the field during 17 minutes of action with the Metropolitans 92.

Ho Yo Fat is in his second season with the Metros — an team that competes in France’s top professional basketball competition LNB Pro A — and is scoring 2.7 point per game in the current season.

The game was scheduled as a showcase game between G League Ignite player Scoot Henderson and 7-foot-4 Victor Wembanyama of the Metropolitans 92 whom are considered to be among the leading potential players of the 2023 NBA Draft.

Henderson scored 28 points with five rebounds, nine assist in GLI’s 122-115 victory. Wembanyama scored 37 points with five blocks and four rebounded.

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