Babyface Married With Star From ‘Moesha’

He married , the actress from Moesha’ Babyface.

Nicole Patenberg is Babyface’s current spouse. Her resume shows that she’s more than a celebrity wife. She is also an actress and a skilled dancer. Janet Jackson is one of her closest friends. She was apparently her backup dancer. Patenberg can also be seen in Jackson’s music video for “If” from 1997.

Patenberg also had guest roles on TV and in movies. According to the official IMDb profile, she appeared in Longshot and Chasing Papi, as well as recurring roles in Moesha, For Your Love, or as a dancer on That ’70s Show.

In Season 2 of Moesha, she starred as Teresa, a high-schooler who becomes friends with Moe. Their friendship comes to a halt when Moesha, her best friend, becomes jealous of their connection and accuses Teresa. Teresa denies the accusations. However, the damage is done when Teresa and Kim are challenged to a fight at the school’s boxing ring.

Babyface announces the split

They were married in May 2014. After seven years of being together, they were married in May 2014. Oprah Winfrey was one of their celebrity guests.

Fans were surprised when he announced his engagement to Toni Braxton , a friend and collaborator of. She asked, “Would it ever be in your heart to get married again?” He replied, “I have already thought about it.” “I’m engaged, so yes.”, the Waiting To Exhale music producer and writer announced their separation after seven years of marriage. After much thought and great sadness, we have decided that our marriage is over. They shared a joint statement with TMZ that they continue to love and respect one another, and to share an eternal love for their daughter’s well-being. They concluded that they requested privacy for their daughter and themselves as we take these new steps together as a family.

It is not clear what caused the split. They have a daughter, 13-year old Peyton Nicole. Babyface is the father of two adult sons.

Deoin Sanders was the singer/songwriter who previously married

Babyface was previously married to Tracey Edwards before Patenberg. They were a powerful couple who produced movies, music and television together through their company Edmonds Entertainment. After 13 years of marriage, they split. Oprah later heard from him that their marriage was terrible.

Babyface revealed that “the reality is that there wasn’t a connection.” “We loved one another, but we weren’t in love with each others. It was more about the thought of it crumbling and me holding on to the image of who I believed we were. “I don’t believe we were meant to be together forever. It’s fine with me because I believe she’s okay.

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