Bad Santa refused to give the child a weapon and made him hysterical

Bad Santa refused to give the child a weapon and made him hysterical

In the Harlem-Irving Plaza shopping center in a Chicago suburb, the principled Santa Claus drove a child to hysterics.

The boy’s mother, Sabello DeCarlo, complained to the social network about bad Santa and posted a video of the “solemn moment” when her son Michael first met with his wonderful grandfather and asked him for a gift. The boy wanted a gun with foam rubber bullets of a well-known company, but strict Santa answered: “No”. His mother tried to explain that the boy was asking for a toy, but Santa was adamant.

“No, no weapon, not even a toy. If your father wants to buy it for you, it is fine, but I cannot give it to you. What else do you want? There are many other toys here. “Legos”, bicycles. There are cars and trucks,” said the white bearded pacifist.

But Michael was already in a bewilderment looking at his mother and started to cry. Santa refused him a gift, and his mother hastily thought up that his grandfather is just a real Santa’s assistant, and his son will definitely get the desired gift.

“My poor child. It was the first year when Michael was looking forward to meeting Santa. It was supposed to be magical, but instead I had to watch my sweet little boy cry because Santa told him no because of his own beliefs,” Michael’s mother wrote on the social network.

After the incident, several people offered Michael and his mother a toy gun and the mall gave the boy a special gift. Sabello herself confessed that she received a bunch of pistols from well-wishers and decided to organize a charity event so that those wishing to please children from poor families could share with them the miracle of Christmas.