Ban on the sale of gasoline vehicles in Texas

California Governor Gavin Newsome announced Wednesday that California will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered cars and trucks starting in 2035. The executive order, one of the most ambitious in America, stipulates that all new cars sold after that date are emission-free.

If successful, the order would result in more than 35% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions statewide, the governor’s administration said in a statement. The ordinance directs the California Air Resources Board to develop regulations to help the state meet the deadline, and sets zero emissions for medium and heavy vehicles by 2045, “where possible.”

According to the Associated Press, California accounts for over 10% of all new car sales in the United States. The state already has regulations governing the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles, but if the order is successfully implemented, California could become the first state to completely abandon them.

“Cars shouldn’t be causing our kids asthma, exacerbating wildfires, melting glaciers or rising sea levels,” Newsom tweeted.