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Bandana is a bad substitute for a medical mask

Bandana is a bad substitute for a medical mask

Scientists continue to study which homemade mask options are most effective in protecting against coronavirus. It turned out that just tying a cotton bandana is a bad idea to replace a mask.

In public places, everyone is advised to wear masks to stop the spread of COVID-19. Many people sew them themselves, but it is important to know from what material the best protection is obtained. Researchers at the University of Florida have experimented with a variety of materials and styles of non-medical masks and found that a well-tailored stitched mask of two layers of quilted cotton fabric was most effective in preventing the spread of coughing and sneezing drops.

A loosely folded home mask, such as a bandana or a T-shirt, turned out to be weak protection, says lead author Siddhartha Verma. According to him, the mask must necessarily consist of several layers and fit snugly to the skin without gaps.

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