Bandits kidnap students from a boarding school in Nigeria

Bandits kidnap students from a boarding school in Nigeria

The bandits kidnapped many of the students who were in the dormitories and drove off with them to an unknown destination.

In Nigeria, bandits have broken into a boarding school and kidnapped many of its students. This was reported by unn, citing the Nigerian newspaper This Day.

Bandits on Friday night stormed Kankara Public Science Secondary School in Kankara Local Government Area of Katsina State and kidnapped many students. It has become clear that the bandits were operating in Kankara town and kidnapped several persons before invading the boarding school around 10 pm on Friday,” media reports said.

It is learnt that the incident forced the remaining students who survived the invasion to leave the school during the night as parents searched for their children till morning. The bandits, who were riding motorbikes, according to a reliable source in the school, arrived in large numbers and started shooting sporadically,” the report stated.

The bandits reportedly kidnapped many students who were in dormitories and left with them.

Earlier we reported that in China, elderly parents have been reunited with their son who was kidnapped from them 38 years ago. A village family from Shaanxi province in northwest China was living a simple happy life until their two-year-old son Jin Shui disappeared on May 12, 1982.

That night, the father of the family, Su Bingde, had gone to visit a relative. He hoped to return by nightfall and did not lock the house, leaving his wife Huang Renxiu with his son and daughter. Early in the morning, the woman was horrified to discover that Jin Shui, who was sleeping nearby, was missing. The whole village went in search of the boy, but he was never found.