Barack Obama’s brother avenged him for stinginess

Malik Obama, the brother of former US President Barack Obama, posted on Twitter the birth certificate of his famous relative, which says that he was born in Kenya. So Malik avenged his brother for stinginess. The Nairobi Wire edition drew attention to the case.

For a long time, the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, defended the theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, which would deprive him of the right to run for president. Trump claimed that Obama is a native of Kenya, and demanded that he show his birth certificate. Despite the fact that the state of Hawaii, where Obama was born, eventually released his birth certificate, conspiracy theorists remained in doubt.

On Monday, June 15, Malik revived the controversy surrounding the former US president’s birth certificate by posting on his Twitter account an image of what he meant was Obama’s real birth certificate. According to this document, Barack Obama was born at the Shoreline General Hospital in Mombasa on August 4, 1961.

However, the published certificate has previously appeared on the Internet during Obama’s first term. Its authenticity has been repeatedly denied, indicating that the document has been edited. The most obvious mistake in it is that Kenya is written as the “Republic of Kenya”. From the date indicated on the birth certificate, another two years will pass before Kenya becomes independent, and another three years before the country assumes the status of a republic. Moreover, Obama’s father’s age is also incorrect. It was also found that the document is an exact copy of the birth certificate of an Australian man, with the exception of names.

“May your brother live in peace. Enough to help Donald Trump, a white advocate of excellence, interfere with his brother with dirt, ”one user wrote. Malik explained his behavior by saying that his brother was “stingy” and turned his back on him.

Malik Obama has become the darling of American conservatives, including Trump. His Twitter posts often retweeted as the head of the White House.