Barr: Hacking attack on U.S. government “definitely looks” like work of Russia

Barr: Hacking attack on U.S. government "definitely looks" like work of Russia

With this statement, the attorney general clashed with President Trump

Outgoing Attorney General Willem Barr said the massive hacking attack on U.S. federal agencies “definitely looks like” the work of Russia.

This statement contradicts what President Donald Trump said.

By pointing to Russia as the likely perpetrator of the cyberattack, Barr sided with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other national security officials, but contradicted the president.

Barr announced this during an impromptu press conference only two days before he was scheduled to leave office.

After days of silence about the massive hacking of government and private sector computer networks, Trump downplayed the attack in a pair of tweets released over the weekend. He suggested that China, not Russia, was responsible for the attack.

“Cyber hacking is far more significant in fake news than in reality,” Trump wrote. – I have full information, and everything is under control. Russia, Russia, Russia – that’s the first thing everyone starts singing about when something happens, because the pseudo-media, mostly for financial reasons, is afraid to discuss the possibility that it could be China (and it could be).”