Bears terrorize an entire town in Romania

In the Romanian resort town of Băile Tuşnad, bears are keeping locals in fear by walking quietly through the streets and committing “robberies.”

“The biggest problem has been a bear with three cubs walking everywhere, and one two-year-old bear doesn’t leave the town at all,” said the town’s mayor, Butik Zholt.

The situation was so serious that officers of the mountain gendarmerie were even asked to intervene in order to get the bears out of the town. One animal in particular broke into a boarding house in search of food. But it quickly escaped from there.

Another bear was spotted after midnight on June 16 near the town hall. The “stomping bear” broke into the building, breaking the doors. As a result, a bear with three cubs and several more of their “companions” were driven away toward the woods. Local residents were warned that it was dangerous to approach the animals closely.