Beijing has proposed the United States to reduce the US nuclear arsenal to the level of China

China is ready to join the talks between Russia and the United States on disarmament if the US side reduces its nuclear arsenal to the level of China, said Fu Zong, head of the arms control department of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
“We asked the United States: when you ask China to join the tripartite talks, what do you specifically mean?” – RIA Novosti quotes him as saying.

Fu Zong pointed out “two ways to achieve parity on this issue.” The first is that the Chinese side “will increase its nuclear arsenal to the level of the United States.” The second implies that the United States will reduce its nuclear arsenal to the level of China. So far, “the United States has not answered this question.”

“If the US says they are ready to lower their level to the level of China, we will be happy to join the talks the next day,” said the representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

As Fu Zong noted, his country understands that “this will not happen.”

Fu Tsun emphasized that the US nuclear arsenal is 5.8-6 thousand warheads, which is “20 times the size of China’s nuclear arsenal,” with the United States intending to “invest $ 500 billion in the next 10 years and 1.2 trillion in the next 30 years old”. Therefore, “asking China to participate in the so-called tripartite negotiations is nothing more than an excuse to untie its hands to gain military dominance,” he said.

However, China is not emerging from the international nuclear disarmament process.

Beijing is in favor of extending the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty by Russia and the United States, but will itself “join the negotiations when their nuclear arsenal drops to the level of China.”

Fu Zong said that Moscow “very well understands” the point of view of China and “did not ask to join” in the negotiations, “this is the United States insisting on joining.”

The Chinese Foreign Ministry believes that the United States does not want to reduce nuclear weapons, but to create preliminary conditions for the extension of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

Beijing “appreciates the understanding that Russia is showing.”

Recall, the United States called for the formation of an international arms control system, saying that “in accordance with the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, China is obligated to negotiate in good faith on effective measures leading to nuclear disarmament.” In addition, the United States tried to scare China with Russian missiles.