Berlin police to step up protection of German Bundestag after riots in Washington

Berlin police to step up protection of German Bundestag after riots in Washington

The Berlin police will step up protection of the German Bundestag after the riots in Washington, D.C., when a mob stormed the Capitol. The Bundestag Chairman Wolfgang Schäuble notifies the MPs about it in his message.

According to Schäuble, the Berlin land police had already ordered to increase the force on the territory adjacent to the Reichstag building. In addition, the parliament speaker requested the German Foreign Ministry to report on the riots in Washington, and will hold consultations at the state and federal levels on what conclusions should be made with regard to the security of the Bundestag.

Earlier, on January 7, a Berlin police spokesman had already announced that measures would be adjusted to protect buildings of special importance in the German capital. First of all, the matter concerned the Bundestag and the buildings belonging to the USA.

For its part, the federal government has already asked the German embassy in Washington to submit a report on how such “outbreaks of violence could have occurred in the Capitol. The report will also involve security experts from various factions in the German parliament, Berlin authorities and representatives of the German Interior Ministry.

Meanwhile, German Foreign Minister Heiko Mas has already compared the events in Washington to attempts by COVID dissidents to infiltrate the Bundestag last summer. “Enemies of democracy will rejoice in these unthinkable scenes from Washington. Incitement quickly leads to violence – on the steps of the Reichstag and now in the Capitol. Contempt for democratic institutions has devastating consequences,” the minister warned.