Beware the bikini: Bella Hadid’s new outing with her boyfriend

Bella Hadid seems to be doing well in her personal life! A little less than a week ago, the model showed her new boyfriend on Instagram, and then the couple was spotted on vacation in France.

And now the paparazzi photographed the lovers again. Bella Hadid went to Cannes not only to shine on the red carpet of the film festival. Between appearances, the supermodel is vacationing by the sea in the company of her new boyfriend. Her lover turned out to be art director Mark Kalman.

Beware the bikini: Bella Hadid's new outing with her boyfriend

Paparazzi filmed Bella Hadid in the arms of her lover. Their passionate kiss was also captured on camera. The couple spends a lot of time at sea they jump off cliffs and yachts. The supermodel chats sweetly with Mark Kalman, and he does not forget to take care of his girlfriend.

On the Côte d’Azur, Bella Hadid boasted a slender figure in a swimsuit. The model combined a black bikini with a bright pareo instead of a top. Also the star wore dark blue bell-bottom jeans with a brown pattern.