Beyoncé donates $500,000 to people facing eviction in the US

Beyoncé donates $500,000 to people facing eviction in the US

The famous singer continues to donate huge sums to people who need help during the coronavirus crisis.

Beyonce is donating $500,000 to people at risk of eviction due to the coronavirus epidemic in the United States, writes Independent.

The artist will each donate $5,000 (£3,737) at the end of January to support BeyGOOD, a charity that receives 100 US recipients.

The fund will continue to work to provide financial support to those who have lost their jobs to coronavirus or job losses.

To date, BeyGOOD has donated millions of dollars during the epidemic to support mobile testing devices, black-owned businesses and mental health.

According to a statement from the charity, “Beyoncé will continue to support and help where it is needed most.”

“Phase two of the BeyGOOD Impact Fund now helps those affected by the housing crisis.”

It says: “The housing moratorium expires on December 26, resulting in foreclosures and rent foreclosures for residents in the US.

“Many families have been affected by the pandemic, which has led to job loss, illness and a general economic downturn.”

The housing moratorium prevented landlords from evicting tenants unable to pay rent after they lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

According to the Centre for Budget and Policy Priorities, 9.2 million people in the US are not paying rent after losing their income over the past 10 months.

Now that the moratorium has been lifted, tenants must pay rent, negotiate payment plans with their landlords or risk eviction.

At the time of writing, outgoing President Donald Trump is still unwilling to sign the COVID-19 aid and public funding bill.

He has claimed that he has not provided enough financial support, but by refusing to sign, he has forced the federal government to shut down the bill. It would also stop unemployment payments and eviction protection during one of the worst periods of the pandemic.

The first round of BeyGood grant applications will open on 7 January and the second round in February.