Biden accused Trump of instigating the attack on the Capitol

Biden accused Trump of instigating the attack on the Capitol

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump of instigating the Americans who attacked the Capitol on January 6.

According to him, the attack was planned and coordinated. “It was carried out by political extremists and domestic terrorists who were incited to violence by President Trump,” Biden said.

He called the storming of the Capitol an armed rebellion against the United States and said those responsible should be brought to justice.

Earlier, Trump said that his genuine associates cannot support political violence and hurt their fellow citizens. Furthermore, they are not capable of attacking police officers or disrespecting the “great American flag. Trump stressed that all those responsible for the unrest in Washington will be held accountable.

The storming of the Capitol in the U.S. took place on January 6 during a rally of supporters of the current head of state who did not recognize the results of the November vote, which resulted in the election of Democrat Joe Biden as president. The rallies led to clashes with police. Five people were killed and dozens detained.

Democrats accused the incumbent of sedition and voted to impeach him in the House of Representatives. The impeachment resolution will now be sent to the Senate. The last attempt by Democrats to impeach a Republican president failed at this very stage. In addition, there is a possibility that the upper house simply will not have time to vote on the initiative before Trump’s presidential term expires on January 20.