Biden administration calls racism the cause of climate change

Biden administration calls racism the cause of climate change

Two members of the U.S. presidential administration on the environment, appointed by President-elect Joe Biden, believe that systemic racism is one of the important causes of negative climate change.

Maggie Thomas, who will be in charge of personnel in the Department of Domestic Climate Policy, has been drafting a plan that would require the state to spend trillions of dollars on regulation in this area. She proposed creating a “statewide environmental justice initiative” that would ensure equity, fairness, and inclusiveness in state policy.

Cecilia Martinez, who will take over as director of environmental justice, served on the U.S. House Climate Commission. In 2019, the commission released a report on related issues.

In it, Martinez wrote that “systemic racism remains a serious challenge to achieving a healthy planet,” and called for a focus on environmental justice.

It is noted that climate issues, along with social justice, will be central to the new U.S. administration. On his first day in office, Biden is expected to bring the country back into the Paris climate agreement.