Biden administration to review US Treasury Department sanctions

Biden administration to review US Treasury Department sanctions

Preparing to occupy the post of the US President, the candidate from the Democratic Party Joe Biden chose the future member of his administration who will reconsider the sanctions imposed by the US Ministry of Finance during Donald Trump’s rule. This will be done by Adevale Adeyemo.

“We must remain focused on the role of the Treasury Department in our national security. Including sanctions regimes to punish unscrupulous players,” Adevale Adeyemo says.

During his presidency, Trump’s administration issued an average of three new international sanctions per day – a total of more than 3.9 thousand sanctions against Iran, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia and other countries. Experts polled by the edition note that the new US authorities are unlikely to change their approach significantly: sanctions remain an important element of the country’s foreign policy.

In comparison with Trump’s regime, Biden’s sanctions are believed to be more responsive to the interests of international alliances. But overall, the direction will remain the same.

Earlier, on December 9 it became known that the U.S. House of Representatives approved tougher sanctions against the Russian gas pipelines Nord Stream-2 and Turkish Stream. The relevant measures are contained in the draft military budget of the country for 2021.