Biden administration will be tougher towards Russia – US General

Biden administration will be tougher towards Russia - US General

Former U.S. Army commander in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, believes that Joe Biden’s administration will be tougher towards Russia. He said so on the Dom TV channel

“I think the new administration is likely to be tougher on the Kremlin,” Hodges said. He said the new defense minister hasn’t been appointed yet. In his view, this will be “a key moment in how the administration can approach the Black Sea region.

“Elected President Biden has already made it clear that the United States will work more closely with all our European allies and partners than the current administration. So I will be cautious but optimistic about Ukraine,” Hodges said.

In his opinion, such cooperation can reduce the Kremlin’s ambitions. “I hope that the Biden administration will act more decisively,” the general said.

He said the Black Sea region’s importance is growing not only in terms of military but also economic competition.

“For example, due to the illegal annexation of the Crimea, Russia now opposes Romania’s Black Sea economic zone. The possibility of disagreement over these claims is also important. I believe the European Union will pay attention to that,” Hodges said.

He believes Germany should play a more active role in putting pressure on the Kremlin. “I believe Germany is the only country that can change the Kremlin’s behavior or at least influence it,” the American general said.

Biden officially won a majority vote in the electoral college Dec. 5 after California’s election results were certified.