Biden and his team: what is known about the key figures in the administration of the new U.S. president

Biden and his team: what is known about the key figures in the administration of the new U.S. president

Joe Biden will become the oldest president in the history of the United States. He is now 78 years old. There is already information about his future team. And some of the personalities in it are unique. That includes the first female vice president, and a black woman. What else is known about key figures in Joe Biden’s administration.

Forgetfulness and absent-mindedness are classics of the genre. The U.S. president-elect is looking more and more like a late Leonid Brezhnev. He even speaks to the public only with a prompter. As a child the way to big politics seemed to be closed for Joe – at school he had a terrible stutter.

“He was a victim of bullying. He didn’t want it to define him. So he worked very hard. He would look in the mirror, move his lips to make sure: he could talk,” said Steven Livingston, author of Barack and Joe.

Patience and hard work turn Joe Biden into a professional politician. At 30, he is the youngest senator in American history. He is a remarkable figure: a fiery orator, a goodwill ambassador. He comes to the Soviet Union twice: in 1979 and 1988. Meets with Brezhnev, then with Gromyko. His topic is nuclear disarmament.

When he was 20 years old, Biden made a goal to become the head of state. He tried to become president three times. He ran for president in 1988 and 2008. But both times he abandoned the race at the preliminary stage. But under Obama, he won the vice-presidential nomination. It would seem that this is the pinnacle of his political career. But no – the public does not let the experienced party man retire. The 46th American leader is becoming the oldest head of state in American history.

Biden does not drink at all, a model family man. He and his wife, Jill, are idyllic. Hugs, kisses over masks and other cute rituals. When they first met, Biden already had two sons. Their mother and sister died in a car accident. This is the second marriage for both of them. The new first lady met Biden blind.

  • My brother told me, “You’ll like her, Joe.” I called her up and she said she had a date tonight.
  • You said: “Can you cancel the date?”
  • And what did you do?
  • I called this guy and told him I had to get out of town right away. And I went with Joe.

You can’t please everybody, but Joe Biden did his best. The people in Hillary Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s circle will be in charge of the economy. The future administration is multiracial and multigenerational. The key positions of vice president and head of the Treasury will be held by women. Janet Yellen – under Obama she headed the Federal Reserve, the dollar printing press. Kamala Harris – the first black woman in American history to serve as the nation’s vice president.

One of Biden’s bold appointments is Pete Buttigich. He will be the first openly gay man to serve as Secretary of Transportation. The mayor of South Bend, Indiana’s fourth-largest city, is a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, a Harvard and Oxford graduate, and also a pianist who speaks eight languages.

“I learned that trust can be reciprocated, and to win and deserve to win, you have to know what’s more precious to you than winning,” Pete Buttigich said.

The first ever transgender person in the U.S. administration will appear. The assistant secretary of health will be Rachel Levine, who was born male. A Harvard graduate, she is the author of many texts on addiction, medicine for teens and the LGBT community. If her candidacy passes, she will have to help Joe Biden implement a plan to fight the coronavirus. And the president-elect himself believes she will help lead Americans through the COVID-19 pandemic.