Biden arrives in Geneva ahead of summit with Putin

The White House does not expect much from the summit, an administration source said.

U.S. President Joe Biden arrived in Geneva on Tuesday for his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, a Reuters source said.

Biden’s plane, en route from Brussels, landed at Quantren Airport. From there, the president will travel to a heavily guarded hotel where he will stay. There he will also have talks with Guy Parmelin, President of Switzerland.

Biden arrives in Geneva ahead of summit with Putin

Recall that Switzerland represents U.S. interests in Iran.

When reporters in Geneva asked Biden if he was ready for the summit, the president said that he was “always ready.

Meanwhile, a senior Biden administration official said Tuesday that the White House does not expect much from the meeting with Putin.

“We don’t expect much from this meeting,” the source said as the presidential jetliner landed in Geneva.

As previously reported, Biden and Putin’s talks will be held at an eighteenth-century villa overlooking Lake Geneva. The Swiss police and military have closed the two parks surrounding Villa La Grange and set up fences around it.

According to the White House, the talks will last four to five hours or even longer. A joint lunch is not planned.At the end of the meeting, there will be a press conference by Putin, followed by a press conference by Biden.

Putin will be the first to arrive at the meeting place first around 1:00 Рm. Biden will arrive later, after which the two leaders will meet with the Swiss president. After that, journalists will have an opportunity to ask a few questions, but only Parmelin is expected to speak.

Then there will be a small meeting with only the two presidents, Secretary of State Anton Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, as well as interpreters.
The lineup will be expanded at a later date, with two presidents and five members of the delegation. The names of other participants have not yet been announced.

Discussions are expected to focus on nuclear stability, including the future of the START III treaty, which expires in February 2026, as well as the possibility of smaller arms control agreements.

Cyber security is also scheduled to be addressed, including the need to stop harboring criminal cyber groups on Russian soil, as well as the possible U.S. response in the event of new attacks. “We will respond,” the White House stresses.

The administration said that Biden also plans to discuss human rights, but did not say whether Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, about whom the West is concerned, would be mentioned.