Biden called for a response to “challenges” from Russia and China

Biden called for a response to "challenges" from Russia and China

President-elect Joe Biden called to respond to the “challenges” of Russia and China. He said this after a briefing with experts in the sphere of national security.

He said the United States must adapt its defense priorities amid growing “strategic complexities” allegedly posed by Russia and China.

“We talked about the different strategic complexities that we will face from Russia and China and the reforms that we have to make in order to be in the strongest possible position in responding to those challenges,” he said.

Biden added that the reforms involve “updating our defense priorities.” In this way, the U.S. intends to “better fight back against aggression in the future. According to him, the U.S. intends to rethink the growing threats in new areas, “such as cyberspace.”

Earlier, Biden complained about obstacles in the transfer of power by the Pentagon.

On December 15, it became known that the U.S. presidential candidate from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, received the electoral college votes necessary to win the presidential race. The incumbent U.S. leader Donald Trump has repeatedly refused to admit defeat in the U.S. presidential election. He believes that Biden lost the election “by a wide margin in all six swing states” and that the results were rigged.