Biden Called the Strange Cause of Russia’s “Unwillingness” of His Election Victory

According to the candidate for the presidential nomination from the Democratic Party in the upcoming elections, Joe Biden said that Russian President Vladimir Putin allegedly does not want his victory.
“I had some very frank and direct conversations with President Putin when I was vice president before that. I think one of the reasons why it now seems that he doesn’t want me to become president, he knows that there will be such direct conversations, ”RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

In response to a question about what he would say to the Russian leader at the meeting, Biden said that “the idea is that Putin or any other foreign leader can interfere or try to manipulate the presidential election, the idea that he can continue his activities in Central and Eastern Europe, the idea of ​​what he can do with impunity, if I will be president in my administration, this will not happen. ”

He threatened that if the violations he listed on the part of Moscow continued, if he won, the United States could turn to the UN Security Council or resort to a policy of sanctions.

Note that Putin, by contrast, has consistently advocated a direct, open dialogue with American and other foreign partners. At the same time, supporters of the Democratic Party criticize US President Donald Trump for any attempts to establish relations between Moscow and Washington and direct communication with the Russian leader.

In addition, Russia has repeatedly stressed that it has no favorites in the US election race and that Moscow is ready to work with any president of the United States who the American people elect.

Moscow has also stated more than once that reports of Russia’s “interference” in the US presidential election are an internal political struggle, in fact, this does not and cannot be.