Biden calls Trump’s behavior irresponsible

Joe Biden, who announced his victory in the presidential elections in the United States, believes that incumbent leader Donald Trump is behaving irresponsibly in trying to challenge the vote.

“I think we are witnessing something incredibly irresponsible,” Biden said during a press conference.

“Incredibly destructive messages are being sent to the rest of the world about how democracy functions. (…) I don’t know his (Trump – IF) motives, but this is completely irresponsible,” he said.

Referring to Trump’s call for local GOP officials to refuse to certify state and district elections, Biden said: “What the president is doing now is actually going to be another incident as he goes down in history as one of the most irresponsible presidents. “

But, Biden believes, “in the end we will make it clear that we won.”

“I am sure he knows that he did not win and cannot win, and we will be sworn in on January 20,” he added.

Biden also recalled that until the head of the General Services Administration (GSA) Emily Murphy acknowledges his victory in the presidential election, he will not have access to important information.

“We can’t handle everything from testing to vaccine distribution and more importantly, vaccination plans to actually get vaccinated,” he said.

Speaking about the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the GSA, the Democratic candidate said that he does not rule out this option, but it will “take a long time” and ultimately will not help speed up the process.

Under US law, the Trump-appointed GSA administrator must formally recognize Biden as president-elect before his team is allowed to interact with intelligence agencies and recruit staff for the new administration.

The US elections took place on November 3. Most of the votes have already been counted, but the official results of the processing of ballots in the states will be announced later. However, based on the available data, on November 7, the leading American media predicted Biden’s victory in the presidential elections. Biden himself also declared himself the winner of the elections in his address to the nation, and many world leaders congratulated him on his success.

Republican Trump, who accused Democrats of fraud and “stole” his victory, will not admit defeat. He initiated a series of lawsuits to obtain a review of voting results in several states.