Biden discussed with the governors the introduction of mandatory wear of masks

Trump’s office has filed a series of lawsuits in a number of other states, including Michigan, but so far it has not produced significant results.

Several well-known law firms have refused to participate in the campaign, and the effort was led by President Rudy Giuliani’s personal attorney.

This process appears to have affected public confidence in American democratic institutions. A survey published Wednesday by Reuters/Ipsos showed that about half of Republicans consider Trump a legitimate winner.

Arizona state secretary of state Democrat Cathy Hobbs said that she and her relatives were being threatened and urged Trump to stop questioning the results of elections. In that state, the incumbent lags behind his opponent by only 10,000 votes.

Trump continues to insist that Biden won the election thanks to massive fraud.

On Thursday, President-elect Joe Biden discussed with the governors of the largest states the possibility of introducing mandatory masks throughout the country due to the sharp increase in coronavirus morbidity. Biden told reporters about this at a press conference in Wilmington.

On Thursday, two months before his inauguration on January 20, Biden held a meeting with several governors, including Democrat Andrew Cuomo, who heads the state of New York, and Republican Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas. The meeting was held via teleconference, and Biden attended from Wilmington, Delaware.

The state governors of Massachusetts, Utah, Maryland, Alabama, New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin and Delaware participated in the conversation.

Biden said he talked to the governors about the possibility of introducing a nationwide mandatory mask-wearing system due to the dramatic increase in COVID-19 infections and deaths from coronavirus. According to him, wearing a mask is not a “political statement; it is a patriotic duty” of every American.

The elected president also stated that the federal government should provide financial assistance to state authorities to fight the pandemic.

According to Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. reports hundreds of thousands of new COVID-19 infections every day, with more than 180,000 detected daily in recent days and more than a quarter of a million deaths since the pandemic began, the highest number in the world.

Dozens of public health experts on Thursday called on the Trump administration to allow the elected president to officially start fighting the pandemic. To do so, members of Biden’s team must be given access to information gathered by the White House about medical supplies and vaccines being developed. Vaccinations from OVID-19 will soon be available to the most vulnerable Americans.

The letter was addressed to Emily Murphy, head of the General Services Administration. She has yet to sign documents confirming Biden’s election victory and allowing the official transit of power to begin.

“With the public health crisis facing the country, it is imperative that you immediately appoint Joe Biden elected president under the Change of President Act,” the address said. – This will allow Biden’s team to liaise with key health officials in the Trump administration and to prepare the… a coordinated response to the pandemic,” he said.

Trump, however, still refuses to admit defeat to the 46th U.S. president after months of a fierce election campaign, refusing to allow Biden to receive daily intelligence agency reports designed to inform the president about national security threats, and failing to allow Biden’s team access to federal agencies to assess the condition of multiple government agencies.

Trump hopes to be able to challenge the voting results in several states. All major U.S. media outlets have declared Biden a winner, saying he has won far more than the 270 votes he will need to win the 538-member Electoral College.

Recall that the final decision on who will be the new president in the United States is made by the College of Electors.

Trump has already lost a number of trials trying to prove the facts of massive voter fraud and ballot counting violations, but Biden’s victory was confirmed by authorities in all key states.

As a result of the vote recount in Georgia, Biden’s advantage over Trump was reduced from 14,000 to 12,781 votes – it turned out that in two districts where voters in the majority supported the Republican Party candidate, several thousand ballots were not counted.

It is expected that Biden will receive 16 votes thanks to his victory in Georgia.

Trump’s headquarters withdrew the lawsuit against electoral officials in Michigan, trying to stop the process of official confirmation of the election results. Biden won the state by a margin of 155,000 votes. The lawsuit cited minor irregularities that did not affect the voting results.

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