Biden doubts Trump’s cognitive abilities after saying about the “deal” of the Russian Federation and the Taliban **

Former US Vice President Joe Biden criticized U.S. President Donald Trump after stating that he had not been informed about the alleged deal between Russia and the Taliban (the organization is banned in Russia) *. This is reported by Mediaite.

The presidential candidate noted that Trump casts doubt on his cognitive abilities because he “does not realize what is happening.”

The politician added that the head of the White House either forgets the brief information received on important topics, or “does not consider it necessary to know about it.”

“If he was not informed or did not know about it, then this reflects a failure to fulfill obligations,” Biden emphasized.

In his opinion, Trump should be given a quick comment on this issue.

The New York Times wrote earlier that Russia encouraged Taliban * militants to attack international coalition soldiers in Afghanistan. The Russian side denies this information, the Taliban * also claims that the published information is not true. Later, the Washington Post said that “several” US troops were killed due to an alleged conspiracy of Russia and the Taliban in Afghanistan. Trump, in turn, said that no one had informed him or Vice President Mike Pence about the attacks on US soldiers in Afghanistan, which Russia may possibly be behind.

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