Biden gave a speech on economic recovery

Meanwhile Trump promises to file new lawsuits for election fraud.

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden was briefed on Monday on the state of the U.S. economy, which is experiencing new challenges as the number of COVID-19 diseases increases.

Biden and U.S. President-elect Kamala Harris met with economic advisers on Monday in Wilmington, Delaware, the home city of the President-elect.

We’re facing a lot of challenges,” the president-elect said at the beginning of the video conference. – It’s imperative that we all work together.

“We all agree with each other about… We all agree with each other on common goals,” Biden said. – We all agree with each other that we can’t just rebuild the economy,” Biden said. We need to rebuild it in a way that makes it a better economy,” Biden said.

The same day, Biden delivered a speech on how the economy is recovering from the pandemic. The venue of the speech is the Queen Theatre in Wilmington.

Addressing his audience, the President-elect stressed the need for urgent action in the fight against coronavirus. He stressed the importance of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans in this issue.

Biden said his team had a clear plan to address the economic problems facing the country, and in particular, to create new jobs. He explained in this regard that companies should work for the development of the country, emphasizing the importance of infrastructure problems.

Touching upon the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Biden expressed admiration for the success in developing the vaccine and emphasized the importance of social distance. The elected president praised the role of many governors in addressing the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The elected president reiterated that for him, there are no “blue” (democratic) and “red” (republican) states, but only the United States of America.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump promises to continue the judicial battles that so far have not affected the outcome of the elections.

Recall that the country has lost millions of jobs because of the pandemic.

This week, Biden’s science advisers are meeting with pharmaceutical companies developing COVID-19 vaccines to prepare for logistical issues related to mass vaccination.

Trump mentioned his defeat in the election on Twitter on Sunday, but immediately returned to the same course, stressing that “nothing” is recognized and reiterating massive fraud. He also promised to file “major lawsuits demonstrating the unconstitutionality of the 2020 elections”.

On Sunday, Trump’s headquarters withdrew a significant portion of the lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania in an attempt to challenge the results of the vote count. Now we are talking only about a small number of ballots. Biden won in that state by a margin of more than 68,000 votes.

Former President Barack Obama said it was time for Trump to admit defeat, and condemned the Republicans, who also refuse to admit Biden’s victory.

“When your time is up, it’s your duty to put the country first and not just think about your own ego,” Obama said in an interview with the 60 Minutes program on CBS News on Sunday. – What worries me more is that other Republican officials who clearly understand the situation better agree.

The Senate Legal Committee will hold a hearing on Tuesday on censorship and suppression tactics in the context of the 2020 elections.

The Trump administration has so far failed to recognize Biden as elected president, preventing his transition team from gaining access to the government premises and funding that a new administration normally provides.

Biden’s advisers say this could have a negative impact on efforts to fight the pandemic and spread the vaccine.

Ron Klein, who Biden plans to appoint as White House chief of staff, said Biden’s scientific advisors will meet with Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies this week.

Biden will also resume work to form his administration. He promised that the team would include women and minorities.

According to CNN, 46 percent of Biden’s transition team members are not white people and 52 percent are women.