Biden has chosen the candidate for the post of secretary of state

The likely winner of the presidential elections in the United States, Joe Biden, has decided on the candidacy for the post of Secretary of State.

According to him, the post may be taken by Tony Blinken, a diplomat and longtime ally of Biden. This information was confirmed by a former official of the administration of the 44th President Barack Obama. Other candidates are Senators Chris Coos and Chris Murphy, former Undersecretary of State and Ambassador to Russia William Burns, and former Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice.

It is noted that the official appointment of the US Secretary of State will be announced next week.

Biden appointed White House chief of staff on November 12. This post will be taken by Ron Kline, who headed the politician’s office when he was a senator and then vice president. Earlier, the Democrat put together a team for the transit of power. A total of 500 experts were included in this group.

Presidential elections were held in the United States on November 3. The counting of votes and the proceedings on this issue are still ongoing. According to the media, Biden received the necessary number of electoral votes to win, thus beating the incumbent President Donald Trump. He has already declared himself President-elect of the United States.

Trump, in turn, said that Biden was in a hurry to call himself the country’s new leader. He pointed out that the elections have not officially ended yet, and the results will be appealed in court.

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