Biden: Indigenous woman to head Interior Ministry

Biden: Indigenous woman to head Interior Ministry

Elected President of the United States Joe Biden has nominated to the post of Secretary of the Interior a member of Congress Deb Haaland, who is a representative of indigenous peoples of the United States.

This was announced by the Democrat’s transition team, representing members of the “climate team.”

If the Senate approves Haaland for the position, the Laguna Pueblo woman would become the first indigenous representative in the administration. She currently holds a senior position on the House Natural Resources Committee. The president-elect’s team calls her “a public servant who ‘breaks down barriers. Haaland has spent her entire career fighting for families – including Indigenous peoples, rural communities and communities of color.

Her priorities in office will be protecting the climate, preserving land and clean water, and transitioning to “clean” energy.

“People like me have never been secretaries in the administration or at the head of the Department of the Interior. I will be a strong advocate for our planet and our lands,” Haaland wrote.

Tribal leaders and activists across the country, as well as many Democrats, welcomed Biden’s choice.

Synopsis: Debra Haaland is a Democratic member of the U.S. House of Representatives. She represents New Mexico’s First Congressional District. The woman was chair of the New Mexico Native American Caucus from 2012 to 2013. She was also the New Mexico Native American Voting Director for the Organization of American States (OAS) in 2012.