Biden intends to make the retired general head of the Pentagon

Biden intends to make the retired general head of the Pentagon

U.S. President-elect Joseph Biden introduced retired General Lloyd Austin as a candidate to head the Pentagon.

“Today, I ask Lloyd Austin to once again undertake a mission for the sake of the United States – this time as head of the Department of Defense. I know he’ll do great in that field,” Biden wrote in Atlantic magazine in his essay “Why I chose Lloyd Austen to be Secretary of Defense.

Biden explained that his choice fell on Austin because the country needed a “tried and tested.
A “challenge leader” capable of diplomacy, representing and defending the country’s interests.

“He played a critical role in bringing 150,000 U.S. soldiers home from the war zone. It required more than the skills and strategy of an experienced soldier. It required Austin to be diplomatic, skilled in building relationships with our Iraqi counterparts and partners in the region,” Biden emphasized.

Austin retired more than four years ago, and U.S. law requires it to be seven years before a retired soldier takes over the Pentagon. Biden hopes that the senators will make an exception, as they once did for former DOD chief James Mattis. If the Congress Senate accepts Lloyd Austin’s candidacy, he will be the first black head of the US Department of Defense.

A few days ago Joe Biden told about the peculiarities of COVID-19 vaccination in the USA. He assured Americans fearing the vaccine that “the oldest elected president” of the country will personally take the drug to give citizens confidence in the measures of protection against the virus.