Biden is 10 percentage points ahead of Trump

A month before the presidential election in the United States, Democrat Joe Biden retains the advantage over incumbent President Donald Trump in the nationwide vote. This is reported by Reuters following a survey. But in order to become president, a candidate must also receive a sufficient score from the electoral college.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is 10 percentage points ahead of his rival, incumbent Republican Donald Trump, according to a poll by Reuters and Ipsos, released on October 4.

51% of respondents who intend to vote supported Biden, 41% of respondents expressed their support for Trump. 4% have chosen a third-party candidate, another 4% have not yet decided on the choice.

A month before the presidential election, Biden retained the advantage in the national vote, but to become president, a candidate must win enough states to get the required electoral college score, Reuters recalls. At the same time, polls in the most competitive states show that Trump is almost as popular there as Biden.

57% of Americans surveyed said they did not approve of Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic – three points more than in the previous poll.

65% of respondents, including nine in 10 registered Democrats and five in 10 registered Republicans, agree that if President Trump had taken the coronavirus more seriously, he probably wouldn’t have been infected.

Only 34% of those polled said they think Trump is telling them the truth about the coronavirus, while 55% said no, and 11% were not sure.

The survey was conducted online across the United States. It was attended by 1,005 American adults.

The previous poll, the data of which was released on September 16, showed Biden’s separation from Trump by 9% of the vote.

US presidential elections are due in November 2020. The main rivals will be Biden and Trump.