Biden is looking for a woman

The list of women politicians, one of whom Democratic candidate Joe Biden calls his partner and candidate for the post of vice president, was reduced to six.

Some of the more likely candidates to run with Biden in the race include California Senator Kamala Harris and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. With them, Susan Rice, a former national security adviser to President Obama, is counting on nomination.

The names of three more women are not given by the sources of the television company. At the same time, ABC emphasizes that Biden’s assistants also considered the candidacy of the member of the House of Representatives from Florida Val Demings, the mayor of Atlanta (Georgia) Keisha Lance Bottoms, as well as the Governor of the State of New Mexico Michelle Luhan Grisham. The last truth itself has fallen, refusing to participate in the presidential race.

In addition, as CBS had previously noted, Biden also asked Minnesota senator Amy Klobushar to pass a test to run for the country’s vice president, but after Joe Floyd’s death, her chances decreased markedly. When she was a prosecutor, she refused to show Derek Chauvin, who is now accused of killing an African American.

Earlier, Biden said he would name his candidate for the post of vice president of the country after completing all the checks.