Biden lost. But will Trump be able to defeat?

No miracle happened: Biden was unable to win the US presidential election.

It would seem, why a miracle – after all, polls throughout the election campaign showed him an impressive advantage (sometimes even ten percent) over President Trump, and not only in terms of votes in the whole country, but also in key (so-called wavering) states?

The answer is simple: because these polls were as much a part of the political struggle as swinging the flywheel of hatred for Trump during his presidency. The globalist majority of the American establishment did not disdain anything in the fight against Trump: neither trumped-up accusations of “Russian connections”, nor the labeling of “racist” and “fascist”, nor the suggestion to the voters that the defeat of “crazy Donald” was predetermined. But the results of November 3 revealed the falsity of the propaganda – no defeat of Trump happened. The current president was re-elected for a new term, although he still has to go through several circles of hell before this fact is recognized.

Yes, so far there are no final election results; moreover, both candidates have already announced that they are winning. The counting of votes has not yet been completed in several states, but everything depends, in fact, on the three states of the northeast of the country: Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. They add up to 46 electors, tipping the scales in favor of one of the two candidates. Trump has led all three states – but the ongoing tally of previously mailed ballots has the potential to change the balance of power. That is, to make Biden president, and this is precisely the danger of manipulating the votes of voters and Trump warned.

In the current situation, both the authenticity of these ballots and the legality of their accounting after the end of voting are not clear. It is only clear that the voting results in these states will be challenged either by Biden’s lawyers or Trump’s lawyers. In the meantime, the proceedings are going on, the results of the vote may be challenged in several other states (especially in Nevada and Arizona, where Trump lost). That is, the litigation will go on for several weeks, and there is every chance that the proceedings will not be over by mid-December, when, according to the law, electors from all states should be determined. The courts will demand both a recount of votes and non-registration of late received ballots.

As a result, Trump will try to make this happen as quickly as possible: the Supreme Court can intervene in the case.
And then the outcome of the elections will essentially depend on his decision. Here Trump has a good start in the form of a conservative majority among the judges.

In theory, things could even go as far as the presidential elections through a vote in Congress, but for this there should be a stalemate when Biden and Trump recruit the same number of electors. However, Trump will have an advantage in Congress too – due to the fact that Republicans control the majority of state delegations (and it is not the House of Representatives and the Senate that vote separately).

But these are all legal circles of hell, and the main ones will be political. That is, what will take place in the streets and in the media in parallel with the litigation. An incredible uproar will begin: Trump must admit defeat now, without waiting for a court verdict and recount; he is a dictator who does not want to leave. Mass demonstrations, hysteria in the press: victory, democracy and the country were stolen from us. Trump will be treated with unprecedented psychological and political terror – but four years of living under constant shelling will help him withstand even such an attack.

Will there be millions of marches to Washington? Will the American capital start its own Maidan? It is likely that the more stubborn Trump is, the stronger the rush on him will be. But the president is not alone – on the contrary, unlike Biden, he is capable of gathering rallies of his supporters one hundred thousand strong. And although the temptation to take them out into the street will be great, most likely, Trump will refrain from this step, thereby demonstrating his unwillingness to cross the line, to transfer the political confrontation into a civil war. His opponents will easily turn to riots, but Trump will only mobilize his supporters as a last resort – if the political crisis drags on and he is “forced to recant.”