Biden makes statement on 100th anniversary of Tulsa pogrom

3 weeks ago
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The president called on Americans to eradicate systemic racism.

U.S. President Joe Biden issued a statement on the 100th anniversary of the race riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The riots destroyed about 35 blocks of the thriving African-American neighborhood of Greenwood. About 300 African Americans were killed and nearly 10,000 people were left homeless.

“Today, on this sad anniversary of the Tulsa racial massacre, I urge the American people to reflect on the deep roots of racial terror in our country and renew their commitment to ending systemic racism in our country,” Biden said.

“The Biden and Harris administrations are committed to recognizing the role that federal policy has played in Greenwood and other African American communities and to addressing longstanding racial disparities through historic investments in economic security for children and families, programs to provide capital to small businesses in economically disadvantaged areas, including minority-owned businesses, and making sure that infrastructure projects increase opportunity, promote racial equality

The President called on Americans to eliminate systemic racism and help rebuild shattered communities and lives.