Biden officially becomes US presidential candidate for the Democratic Party

11 months ago

Former US Vice President Joe Biden has officially become the Democratic presidential candidatea

It is reported by Reuters.

To be nominated, a candidate needs at least 1,991 votes of delegates. After the primaries in the District of Columbia and seven states that passed earlier this week, Biden surpassed that threshold.

According to Azerbaijan, Biden scored the votes of 1995 delegates to the Democratic Party Congress.

“It was an honor for me to compete in one of the most talented groups of candidates that the Democratic Party has ever nominated. And I can proudly say that we are going to this election as a united party, ”he said.

It is worth noting that Joe Biden is 11 percentage points ahead of incumbent President Donald Trump in a nationwide poll.

According to the survey, 52% of registered voters across the country support Biden, and 41% support Trump. If you compare this result with what the University of Monmouth survey conducted a month ago showed, the level of support for Biden grew by 2%, while the level of support for Trump did not change.

The number of voters who claimed that Trump’s reaction to the outbreak of COVID-19 makes his re-election in November less likely, in two months fell by 7% to 38%. The number of those who are confident in the victory of Trump fell by 9% and amounted to 18%.

52% of voters surveyed believe that Biden is able to manage relations between races in the country, 40% believe that Trump is more ready for this.

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