Biden outraged by lack of sanctions against Russia for Afghanistan

Former US Vice President Joseph Biden said that US President Donald Trump should not call Russia for the G7 summit, given the New York Times article about Moscow allegedly paying for the killing of the US military.
“If this is true, then such a revelation is shocking,” Biden quotes TASS, citing NBC.

Biden emphasized that Trump, according to NYT, “being the supreme commander in chief” already “knew about this for several months,” but “did not even impose sanctions against Russia for this flagrant violation of international law.”

The former US vice president was also outraged by the fact that Trump “sought to return Russia to the Group of Seven.”

He accused the leader of the country of “non-observance of the holiest” duty in the United States – to “ensure security, equip and send” American troops.

Recall, the New York Times claims that Russia, according to US intelligence, allegedly offered militants connected with the Taliban terrorist organization banned in Russia, money for killing soldiers from the “coalition forces in Afghanistan.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry called the article The New York Times a stuffing American intelligence.

According to White House spokeswoman Kaley McKinani, Trump did not receive information that Russia allegedly offered money for the killing of US troops.

Trump postponed the G7 summit to September, and also announced his intention to invite the leaders of Russia, South Korea, Australia and India.