Biden pines for hotel-type evenings in bed and breakfast with his wife

U.S. President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, miss romantic trips together the most.

In an interview with Vogue, they told Vogue that their life in the White House is very different than it was before the presidential election.

According to Joe Biden, he misses the times when they lived in Delaware. They loved it when they had time for romantic trips. They could stay in some local bed and breakfast type hotel. Now they don’t have that option.

Even though Joe and Jill Biden live together, they may not have schedules at all. According to the president of the United States, he misses his wife.

“I’m overly proud of my wife. When we lived in Delaware and got married, once a month we would just go to a local bed and breakfast type hotel for romantic time, just to get away and hang out with each other. Living in the White House had no real advantages. It’s the greatest honor in the world, but there’s no privacy. I’m not complaining. But this life prevents us from spending time alone,” the White House head said.

Biden pines for hotel-type evenings in bed and breakfast with his wife

The first lady of the United States periodically travels around the country holding events. And the president is constantly busy. When he finds time to chat with his wife, she is busy.

“We’re both very busy. And so we should, I think, try to make a little more time for each other. Even about dinner together: sometimes we eat out on the balcony. We still light candles, we still talk, we still put our phones away,” Jill agreed.