Biden praised Putin’s climate ideas for the second time in one day

2 weeks ago

U.S. President Joe Biden made his second positive comment Friday about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the climate summit.

“Even though I have disagreements with President Putin on a number of topics, I admire what he says about how to reduce carbon emissions,” Biden said.

He stressed that for all their differences, “the two countries can cooperate and do something that will benefit everyone.”

Earlier, Biden stressed at the summit that he was “encouraged by Putin’s speech yesterday about global cooperation on (reducing emissions – IF) of carbon dioxide.”

The day before, the president’s special envoy on climate change, John Kerry, had said that Putin had put forward worthy ideas at the climate summit that the United States might consider for joint cooperation.

The Russian leader, speaking at the summit on Thursday, April 22, stressed that Russia is interested in stepping up international efforts to address greenhouse gases. “The fate of our entire planet largely depends on the success of these efforts. We believe that the universal agreements reached through the UN serve as a reliable legal basis for the creation of states to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” he said. The President assured that Russia “takes seriously its international obligations in this area”.

According to Putin, Russia intends to increase the utilization of associated gas and will continue the program of ecological modernization of the economy.