Biden predicted a “dark winter” for the U.S.

Joe Biden, who announced his victory in the US presidential election, predicted a “dark winter” for the United States due to the situation with the coronavirus.

“Bold action is needed to combat this pandemic. We are still waiting for a very dark winter, “- quoted Bloomberg as saying Biden.

He also called on the Americans to observe the necessary safety measures, in particular, to wear masks.

We will remind, on Saturday, the largest media in the United States announced the victory of John Biden in the elections, and Biden himself declared himself the “elected leader” of the United States. He also added the words “president-elect” to his Twitter account.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump stressed that the elections “are not over yet,” and Biden is not officially confirmed as the winner in any of the states. Trump also accused the US media of trying to nominate a winner in the US election.